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Muscle Beach TM Trainer: Kristen Davidson

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Kristen Davidson, Star of Television Internet's hit series "Muscle Beach"

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kris8.jpg (17930 bytes) Hi, I'm Kristen. If you want to get lean and fit, let's go!

Workout Routine

5 Step Approach...

Here's a great 5 Step Approach to Perfect Form and Success in the Gym!
Step 1: Watch the Show. Note the routine. Watch the form and technique.

Watch Muscle Beach.

Step 2: Print out the Workout. If you like a variation to the workout routine, add it. Be creative!

Get a Printable Workout.

Step 3: Let's Workout. Take the printed workout with you to the gym. Refer to it as you go along.  
Step 4: Watch the Show Again. Once you've tried the workout for yourself, watch the same show again and check your technique. Do you have your form down? And how about the exercises - was there one you don't like - don't do it - replace it with one of our variations.

Watch Muscle Beach.

Step 5: Watch the Show Periodically. Over the next few weeks, watch the same show periodically to check your form.

Remember, we all accidentally get sloppy in our technique over time. So you need to constantly recheck your form.

Need Motivation
Take me with you to the Gym...
kristen1.jpg (11137 bytes) Visit my photo gallery. Choose a photo of me that gets you motivated. Whatever you want, I got it there for you.

Want further Advice

Contact me...
If you have any further questions, email me. I'd love to hear from you.
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