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Episode 15: Beach Pec Blaster Rountine (for Spring Break)


Routine & Variations

Always stretch before working out to loosen and warm up your muscles. Always consult your physician before starting an exercise routine. If you start to feel any exhaustion, pain, or abnormal conditions, stop working out immediately and seek prompt medical attention.

About This Workout

Purpose  - We've devoted the entire episode to giving you a beach blaster routine that'll blast those pecs back into shape - just in time to hit the waves and get others looking.

Reps - Try 3-4 sets of each exercise, 10 reps until exhaustion. Focus on increasing your weight gradually. And put occasional variations into your routine. 

Nutritional Information

It's warm outside. And what better idea then to have a cold fruit drink. A smoothie. A shake. We got it all for you as we Shake and Stir.

And then - working out. For many, working out increases their sex drive. Why is this? Can pumping up actually put energy in your sexy life? And when can to much exercise deflate our performance in the gym and in the bedroom. We have the answers in Cupid's Heart Rate.

And finally - Vegetables. everyone grew up being told to eat our vegetables. We were told so often by our parents to eat our vegetables, many of us were given headaches. Well knew research suggests that such headaches can be solved by - what else - vegetables. We have the answer in Those Leafy Greens.

For the answers - watch episode 15 of Muscle Beach.

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"Getting in shape for a date is easy and fun. Watch your diet.  Tune in for our next show. And well see you soon."

- Kristen Davidson of Muscle Beach

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"Today we are going to take you through a routine for Men & Women that will get you pecs ready to hit the beach for a HOT spring break!"

- Didi Beyeler of Muscle Beach


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1. Decline Beach Press

Routine: for the chest

2. Incline Bench Press

Variation: Traditional Flat Bench Press

3. Flat Dumbell Flies

Incline Flies (upper chest)
Decline Flies (lower chest)

4. Pushups

5. 1-Legged Pushups

elevated pushups

6. 1-Handed Pushups

close hand pushups
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