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Television Internet Broadcasting Network

where internet history is made

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Businesses For the only family with credits that span 5 decades of television history, 7 Emmy nominations, 2 Emmy awards, and credits with Berle, Burnett, Buttons, Par and Gleason, what's left? The internet. Television Internet, that is. TELEVISION INTERNET - PRIMETIME, ONLINE.
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the first.
Welcome to Television Internet - Primetime, Online. From the beginning, Television Internet  Broadcasting Network has made historic and hit programming. As a pioneer of internet series programming, Television Internet is the only company to deliver original network-quality episodic programming over the internet. Television Internet is not a leader in its industry, but an industry maker.

sitcom.jpg (40870 bytes) Launched in 1997, the Television Internet Broadcasting Network today remains the only CDN (content delivery network) producing and streaming half-hour, and now hour-long, original network-quality filmed episodic programs for the web. Television Internet is headed by Anthony Kling, the son of seven time Emmy nomiated, two time Emmy Award winning writer/producer Woody Kling. Collectively, the Klings have been attached to all six decades of television history with credits including All in the Family, the Carol Burnett Show and Maude and two of the "Top 100 TV Shows of All Time" according to

Television Internet's shows like its new series Sitcom a sitcom have been covered in virtually every major television, internet, and wireless industry publication including the Hollywood Reporter and Daily Variety. When their last series Muscle Beach premiered in March 2000, Variety quickly praised the show as the "first network-quality first-run series for the Web". Today, Muscle Beach is not only the net's most watched series but also its longest running.

In 2001, Kling's Television Internet slated to deliver over thirty hours of original series programming. Television Internet is currently producing over sixty half-hour and hour-long on-demand original episodes. After having been best known for its award-nominated content, the internationally acclaimed Microsoft Content Partner has matured to become the world's leading destination for original streaming video programming, streaming media services, broadband services, and soon wireless programming, for its anticipated deployment of Today, Television Internet has three core businesses (content, products, and services) and one affiliate business (Television Mobile, a Microsoft Mobile Solutions Partner).

Some of Television Internet's historic dates are:
First original primetime online series slated for production - Muscle Beach (Fall, 1998).
First foreign language promotion online for an internet webcast  - Television Internet Internationale (Spring, 1999).
First internet series slated for half-hour streaming episodes - Muscle Beach (Spring, 1999).
First multiple - format series slated for the Internet - Muscle Beach (Spring, 1999).

First first fitness/bodybuilding online series - Muscle Beach (Spring, 1999).

First series with printable workouts - Muscle Beach (Spring, 1999).
First industry recognized primetime online series - Muscle Beach (Fall, 1999).
Second original primetime online series slated for production - Sitcom, a sitcom (Fall, 1999).
First Department e-store with series products for sale - TVI Store (Spring, 2000).
First original network-quality series to premiere online - Muscle Beach (March 22, 2000).
First multi-part episode for an internet series - Arm Series on Muscle Beach (March 22, 2000 begins).
First family name to be attached to two centuries of episodic programming - Kling Family (March 22, 2000).
First hour-long original special for the Internet - Muscle Beach Summer Special (June 21, 2000).
Longest running original series for the Internet - Muscle Beach (June 29, 2000).
First original situation comedy series slated for production - Sitcom, a sitcom (March, 2000)
First filmed original internet series to reach second season - Muscle Beach (Fall, 2000).
First series to be slated for wireless delivery - Sitcom, a sitcom (Spring, 2000).
First internet series to star an African-American actor - Sitcom, a sitcom (Fall, 2000).
First internet series to tackle interracial relationships and controversial social themes - Sitcom, a sitcom (Fall, 2000).
First netcaster to begin wireless deployment - Television Mobile (Spring, 2001).
First wireless broadcasting network - Television Mobile (Spring, 2001).
First 1 1/2 hour movie of the week for the Internet - Sitcom, a sitcom (Spring, 2001).
First spinoff series for the Internet - Sitcom, a sitcom (Spring, 2001).
First cross-over episode slated for the Internet - Jim Morrow of Muscle Beach visits Sitcom, a sitcom (Summer, 2001).
Only series to be a part of Pocket PC launch - Sitcom, a sitcom (Summer, 2001).
First TV Movie of the Week slated for the Internet - Sitcom, a sitcom (Fall, 2001).

 Company Profile

primetime, online.
Not sure if you are interested by what the networks have ready for primetime? Then take a look at what's ready for primetime, online! Primetime Online™ is the slogan of the Television Internet Broadcasting Network which has revolutionized internet programming history.
cast24.jpg (32303 bytes) muscle
When Television Internet's series "Muscle Beach" first premiered in March, 2000, the comedy/fitness show about bodybuilders and models immediately became a worldwide hit. Originally developed in 1997, "Muscle" quickly became the first network-quality episodic series for the Web. In its first season, "Muscle" was propelled by international auds from Sweden and Italy. In April, the show became the net's most watch original series. In June, the series made history again by airing the net's first hour-long original special. By its season finale in July, the show posted its highest ratings ever on a night against CBS's Survivor.

In July, Television Internet surprised industry watchers by announcing that "Muscle Beach" had been picked up for not one but two more seasons, slating the show to become the net's longest running series. "Muscle", by year-end alone, will reach an unprecedented twenty-six half-hour episodes, joined by new series this fall.

Television Internet's CEO and Founder Anthony Kling explained then that "visitors to Television Internet are now viewing on average four episodes of 'Muscle' per site visit, amounting to an enormous eighty minutes of programming." By renewing "Muscle", Kling estimates "that figure to increase 50% by year end." However, by only November, 2001 "Muscle" eclipsed that estimate. "Today, Television Internet is worldwide understood as the only company delivering half-hour and hour-long original series for the web."

Kling believes that one of Television Internet's key strengths is name branding. "Muscle Beach" has become the leading destination for fitness video and workouts online while Television Internet remains the leading destination for streaming video programming.

bs1-10.jpg (23310 bytes)  sitcom
Since September, 2001, Sitcom a Sitcom has ...

Entertainment Publications

  • been acclaimed as making "Internet history as Sitcom becomes the first situation comedy series for the Internet" ... a new comedy from a family that "collectively have been attached to all six decades of television history with credits including All in the Family, the Carol Burnett Show and Maude" ... a show so good it " 'could easily finish in the top ten of any network show this season ' " (Yahoo! News),
  • been praised as a show that's "on laugh track", "first time an Internet program has been spun off from another ... just like a half-hour TV sitcom, except that it's available only online", making Television Internet "the first broadcasting company to deliver original programming to Windows' Pocket PC wireless devices" and "an unsurpassed forum for incubating new programming ideas on their way ... to traditional media" (Hollywood Reporter),
  • been covered in a story alongside Blink 182 and Julianne Moore (Playboy Magazine),

Technology Publications

  • received rave reviews from the cable television show "Techlink" (Techlink),
  • been heralded for delivering the "Net's First TV Movie of the Week" (Microsoft Newsstand),
  • been acclaimed for being part of the "first wireless broadcasting network to deliver net-original series programming to Windows Media-enabled Pocket PC wireless devices" (Microsoft Newsstand),
  • been the only series to be part of the October 4, 2001 Microsoft press release in two continents for the Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 (San Francisco, CA),
  • been heralded by the Microsoft Corporation (San Francisco, CA). "We are pleased that the Television Internet Broadcasting Network is taking advantage of the new feature functionalities of Pocket PC 2002 in producing Sitcom for the Windows Media platform, enabling to watch half-hour episodes, even hour and a half movies of the week, with full screen, stereo sound," said Chris Hill, product manager, Microsoft Corporation. 

African-American Publications

  • been applauded for having "the first African-American actress to star in an original series for the Internet" ... a show that demonstrates that an " 'African-American women can be funny, beautiful, and intelligent '" (,
  • been praised for Lunden De'Leon's "historic performance as the first African-American actor to star in an original series for the Internet" (North East Florida Advocate),
  • been reported as sending "a positive image regarding the role of Black executives in Hollywood" and an "interracial relationship" (Columbus Post Newspaper),
  • been called "not ... just any new sitcom; it will break ground as the first-ever situation comedy show airing solely on the Internet." (Venus Magazine),
  • called "the net's first original television movie of the week, and the start of a half-hour series slated for ten episodes." (Global Black Woman),
  • reviewed as " 'having a Black woman as one of the heads of the network was important to the production of the series. It sends a positive image regarding the role of Black executives in Hollywood,' " (Sacramento Observer),
  • "Kling is the son of seven time Emmy nominated, two time Emmy Award winning writer/producer Woody Kling who collectively have been attached to all six decades of television history with credits including All in the Family, the Carol Burnett Show and Maude and two of the "Top 100 TV Shows of All Time" according to The elder Kling was intrumental with Norman Lear in the 1970s in placing African Americans in leading comedic roles in shows like All in the Family, the Jeffersons, and Good Times." (Natural Hair and Braid Magazine.)

Deaf Publications

  • been applauded for making "internet programming history in 2002 for the deaf and hard of hearing. Sitcom will provide the hearing impaired a new form of closed captioning for viewing the net's first situation comedy" (Deaf Voice),
  • been heralded for providing "the hearing impaired a new form of closed captioning for viewing the net's first situation comedy. (Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Center, Inc.)
  • " 'We hope that Television Internet's small step to develop advances for the hearing impaired will encourage other online companies to do the same,' " (Northern Virginia Resource Center),
  • and been praised for "providing for the hearing impaired a new form of closed captioning for viewing the net's first situation comedy" (Deaf Base). Other press
first net-network.
At the time Television Internet entered the then nameless video-audio internet industry, the landscape was doted only by dot-coms that delivered audio and video net events. Anthony Kling, founder and CEO of Santa Monica-based Television Internet, knew that netcitizens deserved more. For Kling, they deserved episodic programming worthy of being on CBS, ABC, or NBC.

kris8.jpg (17930 bytes) Since its launch in 1997, Television Internet today remains the only company producing and streaming half-hour, and now hour-long, original episodic programming for the web. While other companies engage in content aggregation of preexisting four to six minute video clips, Television Internet has continued to develop the industry of original episodic content that it create. For example, while other netcasters continue to flood the net with their six-minute animated shorts, Television Internet in June gave netcitizens a historic choice to upgrade to the net's first sixty-minute special.

Since 1997, the Microsoft Windows Media Content partner, internationally award-nominated company has matured from mere netcaster to now the net's most comprehensive streaming media destination and to become a Microsoft Mobile Solutions Partner.

Television Internet has three core businesses (content, products, and series) and one affiliate business (Television Mobile).

Content: Channels, Television Internet Series, Television Internet Specials
ferriswheel2.jpg (6600 bytes) vi Channels Television Internet pioneered the channel-format for netcasting. On Television Internet, viewers can readily click to the individual selection throughout the site from a left border, with programming airing 24/7 on individual channels  

cast16.jpg (12036 bytes)

vi Series Launched in 1997, TVI Series' first program "Muscle Beach" has now become the net's longest watched streaming event with weekly viewers logging on to a new episode every Wednesday night. From its initial premiere, "Muscle" has become not only the net's first primetime online series but also its most popular with overwhelming viewership numbers worldwide, 24/7.
summer.jpg (32338 bytes) vi Specials Television Internet Specials are devoted to event broadcasts. Last year, the flagship series "Muscle Beach" made internet history with the first 1-hour long special for the net, "Muscle Beach's Summer Break Special." The special, which used groundbreaking embedded site promotions within the program's breaks, is still one of Television Internet's most viewed programs (even during winter). This year, Television Internet will deliver what has been heralded on Microsoft Newstand as the first movie of the week for the Internet, a 1 1/2 hour special in conjunction with its new series, "Sitcom".

Products: TVI Store, TVI Cards, Television Internet Internationale

musclebeachstoreanimated.gif (21875 bytes) vi Store Launched in 1999, the TVI Store is still finding its place among the e-commerce buyers as the only virtual department e-store where you can shop (for approximately 10,000 products) and watch (TVI programming) at the same time. In 2000, the TVI Store launched the first ever e-commerce tie-in to an episodic webcast with the "Muscle Beach Store".

kerry1.jpg (12921 bytes)

vi Cards Launched in 2000, TVI Cards is one of the fastest growing segments of TVI where viewers are able to send cards from the hit series "Muscle Beach" while watching the series.
boot.jpg (32299 bytes) vi Internationale Launched in 1999, TVI Internationale was the first online foreign language offering for an episodic series. Today, providing lead pages for the hit series "Muscle Beach", TVI Internationale daily provides an introduction to TVI series for viewers worldwide in five languages. Television Internet Internationale currently offers Television Internet France™, Television Internet Deutschland™, Television Internet Italia™, Television Internet Japan™, Television Internet España™, the new Television Internet UK/Ireland™, and coming soon Television Internet Switzerland™ in conjunction with its series "Muscle Beach."

Services: TVI Broadband, TVI Streaming Media Services

palmtrees1.jpg (7703 bytes) vi Broadbrand Launched in 2000, as the newest addition to Television Internet, TVI Broadband is a provider of DSL service, allowing customers to benefit from cost-effective, high-speed access to the Internet using Digital Subscriber Line service. Television Internet offers two classes of service. Both ensure that you enjoy true Broadband access to the Internet, while giving you the best value for your actual requirements

tviservicesanimated.gif (189210 bytes)

vi Streaming Media Services Launched in 2000, TVI Services provides the same streaming media services for corporations that have made "Muscle Beach" a worldwide hit. With 100% uptime to date and prompt time's shorter than any other company in the indusry, TVI's Services in many ways exceed the operations of multi-billion dollar companies. TVI Service provide for clients personalized attention, creativity, and competitive pricing.
Affiliate: TVI Wireless (Television Mobile™)
palmtrees1.jpg (7703 bytes) Television Mobile Television Mobile, the wireless division of the Television Internet Broadcasting Network, was recently named by the Microsoft Corporation as a Microsoft Mobile Solutions Partner. Television Mobile is the first wireless broadcasting network to deliver net-original series programming to Windows Media-enabled handheld devices. As a Mobile Solutions Partner of Microsoft, Television Mobile will be delivering its extensive library of episodic programming over the Microsoft Windows Media platform. On March 7, 2001 at eStreaming World, Television Internet announced that it will deploy the first wireless broadcasting network by year-end. Kling made the announcement during the netcaster's presentation at the two-day streaming media conference held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Television Mobile has been covered in numerous leading publications such as Wireless Reporter and Digitrends and will be featured on Techlink TV September, 2001.

 Company History

Mission. Television Internet was founded by you. Television Internet is the people's network. Your demands for (1) better programming, (2) the end of VCR programming, and (3) shows when you want them, how you want them, and as often as you want them created television internet. Since you created it, that's why it's free.

Vision. Television Internet was conceptualized in the early 1990s, years before the onset of major internet traffic, by a young Anthony Kling. His vision at that time was to broadcast to computer users around the world programming, episodic in nature, with primetime-quality, that could be watched anywhere for free. With Television Internet, Anthony began to establish that vision. In the fall of 1997, Anthony first introduced Television Internet to the world wide web through the establishment of the Television Internet Broadcasting Network.

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