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Muscle Beach's Didi

How far do the guys go on Spring Break!

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Kerry, what have you done now?

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Músculos ala PlayaTM

LA PRIMER televisión internet serie por el Web con red calidad! La Televisión Internet™ Broadcasting Red es histórica. Esto es la primer original episódica con la red de calidad al Internet. El programa es llamada "Músculos ala Playa". El legendaria familia quien en 1945 traje el primer hit serie ala "televisión" ahora trae el primer hit serie al internet.

Audio Welcome with Real Networks

"Músculos ala Playa" ha cambiado la historia de programaciones con que mostramos los multiplicadores estilos en el internet. La serie es el primer sitcom con calidad de prime-time, un noticias programa, e deportes/fitness programa toda en uno.


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Did you ever wonder which muscle is notice more by the opposite sex when you hit the beach? The chest. See at Muscle Beach we spend time researching these important topics and conducting upclose interviews. We've got a beach pec blaster routine that'll blast those pecs back into shape - just in time to hit the waves

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Episode 14: Date Workout

Episode 13: Lean Building

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Do you want to .... HEADS TURN AT THE BEACH THIS SPRING BREAK?! Catch Episode 15: SPRING BREAK SPECIAL! on the Sports Channel. Only on Television Internet.

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about us


Television Internet is episodic series streaming over the internet. We are the home and birthplace of internet series programming, original network-quality episodic shows. We are so glad that you've joined us.

Television Internet Broadcasting Network makes Internet History with "Muscle" series - the first original network-quality episodic series for the Internet .... on the Sports Channel on Television Internet .... You've tried Television. Then the Internet. Now try ".com". Television ... Primetime. Online ....

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See what people have called historic & hysterical.

DAILY VARIETY praises Muscle Beach as the "first network-quality first-run series for the Web," - a show that "breaks the mold", "bucks the standard" and "bulks up" netcasting.
TVSHOW gives it "Four Stars".
LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS says Muscle Beach has made Exec. Producer Anthony Kling "Kling of the Hill."
BROADBANDCITY gives it "Site of the Week."
BROADBAND EXPERIENCE calls Muscle Beach "beautiful people ... working out on the beach and trying to pick up THE girl ... funny and worth checking out"
EARTHLINK MAGAZINE calls us "a selection of sports, original dramas, and comedies"

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